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A Digestive Health Solutions Company

Restech Dx-pH is a better way to manage reflux. It all started in a meeting with Dr. Tom DeMeester who told Restech engineers a little secret: the market needs a pH sensor that works outside of the oesophagus. The Restech team accepted the challenge and launched the first real-time sensor that could function highly accurately in a non-liquid environment. Since then, Restech obsessed over reflux, ensuring they understand the ins and outs of the disease state and industry. Although it is highly complex, Restech are passionate about bringing simple, effective reflux solutions to patients and clinicians around the world. Their rapid growth reflects dedication and passion - developing and seeking out new products across the diagnostic and therapeutic continuum.

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Restech offers minimally invasive tools and therapies to multiple specialties in order to accurately diagnose, manage, and treat reflux and bowel incontinence disorders.


Restech’s diagnostic tools and therapies will evolve the standard of care for physicians treating reflux and bowel control disorder.


Integrity, Customer Commitment, Personal Accountability, Quality, Safety, Efficacy

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