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Imagination as the basis for innovation
We live high-end surgery

AFS MEDICAL International was founded by Fritz Schweinberger, Jan Holubec and Sebastien Hong and is now established at four locations in Austria and South Korea.


Today’s company emerged from the trading firm AFS MEDICAL Österreich and thus has had experience in and knowledge of the medical device sector for more than 20 years. We are aware of the challenges in practical surgery at close range and we tackle them with our detailed solutions.

Future-oriented and enterprising, visionary thinking and a talent for implementing complex ideas in a functional manner – this is what AFS MEDICAL stands for.

Experts in the clinical advisory board

In addition, top international surgeons provide their advice to the company as a clinical advisory board. Within this panel of experts, product developments are discussed and evaluated scientifically. Their feedback then contributes directly to any further procedures.

It´s all about access
and changing surgical perspectives

AFS MEDICAL International introduces a new dimension of surgery to operating theatres. It is minimally invasive and adopts new ways of accessing the human body.

“Even with the first generation of our ACCESS platform, unprecedented features are now leading the way into operating theatres”, is how CEO Jan Holubec summarises the innovativeness of AFS MEDICAL’s new port systems. Managing Director of AFS MEDICAL in Korea Sebastien Hong concretizes, “Waking up the dull and lifeless surgical instruments in a dry operating room by instilling vitality and energy is the first step of the future technology we seek, and this is the basis of the first generation of our ACCESS Platform.”

The second-generation ACCESS platform will connect seamlessly to the first generation of intelligent port systems and open up completely new options for modern surgery.

CEO Friedrich Schweinberger adds, “Since the company was established, AFS MEDICAL has focused on future issues such as minimally invasive surgery. As a manufacturer, we create yet enduring trends, which raise surgery to a new level.”

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